Ty Lawson Agrees Upon $2.4M Deal With Shandong

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Semi, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Semi

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  2. Sac.1989

    Sac.1989 Well-Known Member

    all the best Ty, i guess the market wasn't willing to take a change on him beyond vet minimum and given he is rebuilding his life cant blame him for taking the extra cash and looking after his family.
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  3. Merdiesel

    Merdiesel Well-Known Member

    I got a chance to talk to Lawson a couple times throughout the season. Personality wise, definitely my one of the coolest guys on last years team. Good dude. Shocked he couldn't get a deal here in the states.
  4. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    I liked Lawson and wish him all the luck in the world. It sounds like the Chinese leagues might be fun to watch. Is that even possible?
  5. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    He's going to tear that league apart if he's straight. Dude was playing well at certain points last season
  6. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Chinese MVP?
  7. Semi

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  8. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    I wish him all the best, he was fun to watch as a King. He made things happen when he was in the game more times than not. One more thing, shouldn't this thread be in the NBA thread? I saw it was in the Kings Rap and I figured the team re-signed him before I saw the full title.
  9. VF21

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  10. c-webb1s#1

    c-webb1s#1 Well-Known Member

    I wish Mr.Lawson all the best, I really do. With that being said...I don't think he's going to get over his drinking problem in China. I think he's going to go hog wild in all the night clubs now that hes away from the western media.

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