Blake Griffin?

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If Blake Griffin was willing would you sign him?

  1. Hell Yes!

  2. Yes, Holding nose

  3. I'd reluctantly agree, I'd forgive him coming from LA because he didn't go after coattails

  4. I'd reluctantly pass, the stench of LA is too much

  5. No.

  6. Hell No!

  7. Hell No and ban the fool who posed this question.

  1. whozit

    whozit Well-Known Member

    I don't think he would ever sign here and if he did, I'd initially have a hard time welcoming him (I dislike the lower CA state that much) but I think I would get over it. But I'm curious if other Kings' fans felt the same way or even if they would care.

    On the other hand I'd have to respect him for thinking he could take a team that hasn't been to the post season for more than a decade and help make it respectable again.
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  2. Mass

    Mass Well-Known Member Contributor

    I think Griffin is one of the most overrated player in the league. He was an amazing dunker so he got all the attention. Then, playing with CP3 really helped him. I think the team taht will give him a max contract this summer will really regret it in 2/3 years.

    So, no Blake, thank you.
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  3. Fear the Putin

    Fear the Putin Well-Known Member

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  4. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    Griffin gets 5 assists a game himself. He's a great player other than the injuries.

    I wouldn't sign him but he's a really good player.
  5. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    If the team was in a position to make a playoff run, then I'd consider it. Even then though, I'd rather have Millsap if I'm picking between free agent power forwards.
  6. Gtronic

    Gtronic Member

    How many times can I vote NO!
  7. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    with Paul going to Houston, I can very well see Pop trying to go after Blake. Only problem is he has to find a taker for LeMarcus.
  8. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    not only he's injury prone, he's not a guy who can carry a team. Plus he plays a position that the kings have young depth at and need playing time to develop.
  9. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    His demeanor on the court makes me nauseated.
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  10. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    That and punching the trainer, etc., doesn't seem to fit the "character" movement we have going on right now.
  11. Sactown ExPat

    Sactown ExPat Member

    Yes, no question. He's probably only commanding a 3 year contract due to injury history and I'm not turning down that type of talent. That would be a FUN team. Blake was fun until playing with Chris Paul finally ground him down. Also, it would be funny just to see how the state of OK handles it and if the Thunder would still be their top team.
  12. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    Would a healthy Blake Griffin make us a play off team?

    Maybe and if we filled the small forward position with a veteran as well, then I think we would have a chance. Plus with our young players (Fox, Buddy, Skal, Willie etc) we would have upside as well rather than be stuck in mediocrity. We would obviously have to bet on us already having potential all star talent to combine with Griffin, and if we do, then there's a bright future. However, Griffin has struggled with injuries and betting on him staying healthy is really risky business.

    So would I sign Griffin if he wanted to come here? Yes, because he's a franchise changing talent when he's healthy. His addition plus a decent veteran small forward, combined with our youth, could see us form an exciting team. I am also a firm believer in trying to win while developing young talent because it gets them into good habits, whereas tanking gets teams into bad habits (see Orlando). So I wouldn't stick my nose up at franchise changing talent, whereas I might stick my nose up at overpaying a second or third tier player big money. With that said it's not happening.
  13. Kingsroots

    Kingsroots Active Member

    I just saw a report saying BG set a meeting with Phoenix which at the very least tells me we aren't the only lottery team rumored to spend some money. It could be all posturing by the agents to drum up interest. I don't know whether or not I'm in the majority or minority but I think we should hold back on big contracts for another year unless we take on one in a trade attached with draft picks.
  14. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    If the aim is to tank for a top pick, then signing any further veterans should not be the aim of this team, unless they are veterans like Temple and Tolliver who are joining the team to add experience and help the young players develop.

    If the aim is to be competitive and try to win games, then signing veterans is a possibility, and we shouldn't shy away from trying to lure franchise changing talent if we really want to kickstart this rebuild. Grating the right player (e.g. A healthy Blake Griffin) could boost our chances and aid the development of these young players and help them gain that winning mentality.

    I guess it comes down to whether you believe we need to tank for another talent, or try to get better and win as many games as we can next season. I personally fall into the latter camp because I think we've got a decent young core in Fox, Buddy, Willie, Skal, Pappa and co. What we need is that difference making veteran, though I suppose waiting until next year to add one is a possibility and add another highly rated young talent as the same time. Though the counter point to that is we don't want our youngsters getting into bad habits and losing becomes a bad habit quite quickly as we've found out during the Cousins era.
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  15. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    I think Griffin could potentially be looked at as a C in Phoenix with Chriss as the shotblocking PF to balance him out. Then you have...

    PG - Bledsoe / Ulis
    SG - Booker / Knight
    SF - Jackson / Warren
    PF - Chriss / Bender / Dudley
    C - Griffin / Chandler
  16. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    I think this has to be a no. He's talented in a lot of ways and can be a hell of a player, but he doesn't fit this team. Not to mention that he would never come here (we are rebuilding and the new fad is making super teams).
  17. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    If he is willing to meet with the Suns, who are rebuilding too by the way, I don't see why he doesn't come here IF the Kings ask him.
  18. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    Well, I didn't know that useful piece of information, so disregard most of what I said! The Suns do have a well established PG already in Booker, we don't have anyone that's really established themselves. Maybe that's why? Who really knows... like you said it may be us that isn't interested.
  19. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    Booker is a SG. Their established PG is Bledsoe who they were actively shopping prior to the draft. Not sure what direction the Suns want to go in but hey....not my team.
  20. KingsFanSince85

    KingsFanSince85 Well-Known Member

    I think you mean SG. He's not a PG. And overrated at that. Talented, sure. Potentially a star player, sure. But not an elite player just yet.

    Many like to point to that 70 point game as some sort of proof, but, if you actually watched that game, it was a bit manufactured. He had a great game going, no doubt. But PHX did everything they could to make sure he scored 60 by extending the game with fouls despite the fact that they were down double digits. And then he ended up scoring 70. Boston wasn't going out of their way to prevent it either since they had the W.

    Booker is a very good young offensive player. He may one day be a great player. But he's not there yet. I'd like to see him play better defense too.
  21. jcassio

    jcassio Well-Known Member

    Over my dead body.
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  22. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    Eh PG or SG hardly matters anymore. He's got the ball most of the time but technically, he is a SG. Bledsoe is injured so often I forgot he was even on their team for a second there. Still, maybe we should ask for a sit down with him to help heal our image a little bit.
  23. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    I think Griffin would slot in at PF and Chandler at C. Granted Chriss is really talented and has a ton of upside but neither him or Griffin are natural centers so it would really be a choice between them and Griffin trumps Chriss if they want to win now. I guess with their ages and young talent they would even have upside to get even better rather than be stuck in mediocrity. So it will be interesting to see if Griffin would consider them, though in someways they would be better off investing in their young player's development.
  24. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    I think in today's NBA you can get away with a guy like Griffin at C just like you can get away with Ibaka at C. The only difference is that Griffin doesn't have the defensive/shot blocking ability but that is where (hypothetically) Chriss comes into the picture. On the offensive side, Griffin would be able to use his quickness to his advantage against a slower defender while also having the ability to suck the other team's C out of the paint with his ability to knock down jumpers, play the high post, and facilitate at the top of the key.

    Chandler would theoretically cover that rim protection element as well, but then the floor spacing suffers on the other end. I'm not saying it would work, but it would be interesting to see if Chriss becomes the athletic, shot blocking, 3 point shooting PF of the future.
  25. John Galt

    John Galt Well-Known Member

    As a Kings fan, who puts the name on front of the shirt over the name on the back, I could suffer ANY indignity you can dream up .... EXCEPT Blake Griffin or Chris Paul being on my team. Anybody but those two. Hell no, no way, no effing way.

    What do you get if you take the "S" out of SAFE and the "F" out of WAY?? That's right....... there IS no "F" in "way"
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  26. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Let me help you by adding
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  27. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra Well-Known Member

    Allow me to contribute
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  28. Spike

    Spike Well-Known Member

    While we're at it:
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  29. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Si! Es Bien..
  30. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    He's a horrible lead star and he's often injured. There's no way in hell I would want this habitual underachiever.

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